New Installations


We can provide tailor made solutions for the installation of electrical systems in new buildings / extensions. This includes advice and guidance on:

  • Number & positioning of sockets
  • Present & future capacity needs
  • New technologies & products
  • Green technologies and renewable energies

A picture of the completed new installation A picture of a new installation in progress.


Whether you are building a new property or simply an extension of an existing property, you will need to think about your electrical requirements for your current and future needs. We can provide best advice and a tailor made solution for your electrical installation, from adequate numbers of power socket and lighting to heating and ventilation, data and telecoms, green technology and renewable energies, door entry, security and CCTV.

A well thought out system will not only fulfill current requirements for electrical demand, but will allow suitable provision for additional circuits that may be required at a future date. A new installation is a blank canvas and the ideal opportunity to get the electrical and related circuits right first time.

With years of experience in the industry, we have been involved in many systems and installations and can provide invaluable advice on new technologies and products you may not have considered, but would regret not having after the build is complete. If you have ideas or equipment in mind for the future, you should discuss it now - it would be easy to install the cables required now before the building is finished, than try to install them at a later date (even if the cables are left unused until such time as they are needed).