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Part P Electrician Welshpool

If you intend to to do electrical work outside, in kitchens, bathrooms or install any new circuits from the fuseboard, the work will need to be submitted to building control under Part P. This can be down through building control themselves for a fee or you can use a registered Part P electrician like ourselves.

We are fully registered members of NAPIT and are able to self certify our own work under Part P.



Part P relates to electrical requirements of the building regulations and affects dwellings (houses/flats etc). With the exception of some very minor jobs, electrical work in the home should be submitted for Part P certification.

Part P was introduced to try to reduce the number of electrical fires in the home caused by sub-standard wiring, often undertaken by home owners or DIY enthusiasts with limited knowledge and experience. Whilst it is virtually impossible to stop this work continuing, you may experience problems at a later date when selling your home if electrical work hasn’t been submitted under Part P. Part P certainly doesn’t stop you from completing your own home improvements, but tries to ensure that the work you do does not affect the safety of the home you or others live in.

There are two ways of obtaining Part P certification:

  • Inspection through the building control officer
  • Hire a Part P registered electrician

Inspection through the building control officer. If you intend to complete electrical work yourself, and it involves either a new circuit from the consumer unit (fuseboard), or an electrical circuit in a bathroom, kitchen or outside, then it will need to be inspected and certificated under Part P.

before you commence work you should contact your local building control officer who will view the job before its started, they will then return after the “first fix” to check how and where the cables have been run, where joists have been drilled etc, and then a final visit on completion of the job to view the finished work. As ALL electrical work requires certification to prove compliance with the electrical regulations, these certificates will be inspected on the final visit. An electrician can be employed to complete the electrical testing but the building control officer is required to certificate under the building regulations if you have done the work yourself.

Building control will charge a fee for this service.

Alternatively you can use an electrician who is registered as a Part P installer. Electricians registered on a Part P scheme are able to submit their own work to building control for Part P certification, and are regularly assessed to ensure their work complies with all relevant regulations. Upon completion of the work you should receive all the electrical certificates and a separate certificate through the post from building control acknowledging that the work has been completed and submitted.

The electrician is only able to submit certificates for his own work under Part P - he cannot certificate the work of others.

We fully registered members of NAPIT, and are able to self certify our own work under Part P.